• Motion simulation
    Motion simulation

    Motion simulation platforms

  • Sixdyn

    Six DOF Stewart platform system

  • Threedyn

    3 DOF control system for wave simulation

  • Quasistatic actuator
    Quasistatic actuator

    Actuator for low speed and high force test used in PSD testing

  • Load cell and joint
    Load cell and joint

    Load cell and joint designed for PSD testing.

  • RIE

    Reactive Ion Etching system for thin film tratment

  • PVD

    Physical Vapor Deposition system for sensors coating applications

  • Motion platforms

  • Structural test

  • Passive safety

  • Academic

  • Components

  • Custom R&D solutions

  • Partners


Latest News

  • Vzero becomes part of NI Alliance partners

    VZERO is proud to announce that it has become part of National Instruments Alliance Partners group. This network comprises companies capable of p...

    13 February 2017

  • Vzero Sixdyn controller

    Vzero is proud to announce a new software version release for the use of VZERO’s Sixdyn Stewart-Gough platforms line of products. This new releas...

    05 December 2016

  • Particle impact noise detection

    VZERO has successfully delivered in SPAIN a P.I.N.D (Particle Impact Noise Detection) testing system from Spectral Dynamics; one of VZERO’s proud...

    15 September 2016

  • Vzero high performance dynamic servo actuator

    VZERO has successfully delivered a high performance dynamic hydraulic servoactuator to one of the top structural testing laboratories in Southeas...

    01 August 2016

  • Vzero complete hydraulic actuation system

    VZERO has successfully delivered a Complete Hydraulic Actuation system to one of the reference Technical Universities in CHILE. This structural t...

    01 August 2016

  • Vzero Ultra-High vacuum technology

    VZero is proud to announce its investment in thin film ultra-high vacuum technologies.Vzero designs and builds hardware and software for a Sputte...

    12 July 2016

  • Vzero multipurpose hydraulic system for India

    VZERO has successfully delivered a special hydraulic actuation system to one of the reference structural testing laboratories in INDIA. This stru...

    15 June 2016

  • Vzero high performance hydraulic servoactuator for Asia

    VZERO has successfully delivered a high performance dynamic hydraulic servoactuator to one of the most important testing laboratories in Asia. Th...

    02 May 2016

  • Vzero in the NI days 2016 Spain

    VZERO presents its progress in advanced multiaxial control under NI 2016 spain days. Today, the synchronization between axes has become a necessi...

    12 April 2016

  • Vzero MADC controller V2

    A new generation of multiaxial advanced controllers comes to life. The MADC controller is realy easy to use, just a few clicks and you will be ru...

    30 November 2015

  • Vzero and Spectral Dynamics

    Vzero is proud to announce a new partnership with Spectral Dynamics company. Spectral Dynamics, Inc. is a leading worlwide supplier of systems an...

    25 August 2015

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