• Motion simulation
    Motion simulation

    Motion simulation platforms

  • Sixdyn

    Six DOF Stewart platform system

  • Threedyn

    3 DOF control system for wave simulation

  • Quasistatic actuator
    Quasistatic actuator

    Actuator for low speed and high force test used in PSD testing

  • Load cell and joint
    Load cell and joint

    Load cell and joint designed for PSD testing.

  • RIE

    Reactive Ion Etching system for thin film tratment

  • PVD

    Physical Vapor Deposition system for sensors coating applications

Vzero is proud to announce a new software version release for the use of VZERO’s Sixdyn Stewart-Gough platforms line of products. This new release combines all the advantages from VZERO’s MADC controller Software Suite.

Never before had a motion platform been so easy to use. Create your profiles, assign them to degrees of freedom and run the test. This release also counts with a built-in model of the motion platform, with which you can train yourself without the need of any hardware, this useful new feature called VZERO TestSim also allows to simulate tests prior to actual execution ensuring overall platform integrity, while pushing it to its limits. We kindly invite you to see this video showing up some of the software capabilities



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