• Motion simulation
    Motion simulation

    Motion simulation platforms

  • Sixdyn

    Six DOF Stewart platform system

  • Threedyn

    3 DOF control system for wave simulation

  • Quasistatic actuator
    Quasistatic actuator

    Actuator for low speed and high force test used in PSD testing

  • Load cell and joint
    Load cell and joint

    Load cell and joint designed for PSD testing.

  • RIE

    Reactive Ion Etching system for thin film tratment

  • PVD

    Physical Vapor Deposition system for sensors coating applications

VZERO is proud to announce that it has become part of National Instruments Alliance Partners group. This network comprises companies capable of providing complex solutions based on NI products.




Thanks to its expertise and deep knowledge of NI portfolio, VZERO is able to build fully customized control and data acquisition solutions for a wide range of applications such as Structural Testing and Motion Simulation

VZERO counts with one LabVIEW Certified Developer and has supplied worldwide many turn-key systems in which NI products have been integrated, so as to provide real-time deterministic operation, with the subsequent excellence in performance.

The heart of all these systems is VZERO MADC Software Suite, a comprehensive set of applications which allows the user to easily define and execute complex multiaxial tests or motion profiles. See our video here

VZERO’s commitment to deliver the most advanced technical solutions to customers, leads to the establishment of partnerships with key companies such as National Instruments.

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