Currently, testing needs in Automotive Industry are becoming more and more demanding. This drive for more realistic and accurate testing equipment is something makers and suppliers in Automotive Industry cannot overlook.

VZERO cooperates with key companies in this sector, helping them to adapt to this trend by supplying, state of the art, engineered solutions able to meet the most exigent testing requirements.

Our staff features more than 10 years of experience in this sector and owns the expertise and know-how to take up the most complex projects in this field.

Among the products offered by VZERO within this sector, it is worth mentioning the following.


  • Motion Platforms for vehicle motion/driving simulation. 1, 2, 3 or 6 Degrees of
    Freedom. Other customized configurations on demand.
  • Two/Four Poster Testing Systems for structural durability, ride comfort, buzz, squeak end of line production quality and racing vehicle optimization. From light vehicles to heavy trucks. Upgradeable to seven poster systems to simulate aerodynamics.
  • Shake Tables for component and subsystems testing. 1, 2, 3 or 6 Degrees of Freedom. Other customized configurations on demand.
  • Multiaxial Vehicle Corner rigs for suspension testing and design assessment.
  • Dyno Facilities for powertrain performance evaluation
  • Dynamic Structural Testing Systems and Electrodynamic Shakers for endurance and fatigue testing of components: suspensions, gearboxes, doors, etc.
  • Passive Safety Testing Systems. Optimal solutions compliant with passive safety international regulations (UN ECE, FMVSS, etc.)
    • Full scale crash test facilities
    • Deceleration sleds and Servosleds
    • Pedestrian anthropomorphic forms Universal Launcher
    • Seat Belt Anchorages testing system.
    • Seats and Head Restraints testing system
    • Impact Pendulums
    • Roof crush and Side Intrusion testing system
    • Testing systems for Coupling Devices
    • Laser based, high accuracy Speed Measurement Device.
    • Assessment, Modernization and Maintenance of existing facilities
  • Hardware in the Loop simulation systems
  • Model Based Testing Systems to investigate the behavior of complex elements of automotive systems.

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