During the last years, railway travel has experienced a formidable evolution worldwide. Railway tracks reach almost everywhere in the world and constant efforts are put in designing faster and more efficient vehicles.

Testing of railway stock plays a key role for manufacturers to keep up the pace to meet these targets.

VZERO cooperates with key companies and research and homologation centers in this sector by supplying, state of the art, engineered solutions able to meet the most exigent testing requirements.

Among the products offered by VZERO within this sector, it is worth mentioning the following.

  • Bogies Testing portal frame for complete bogies and suspension systems
  • Train cars crushing system
  • Railway infrastructure accelerated life simulation
  • Wheel loading and compliance
  • Turn/tilt platform
  • Catenary test bench
  • Sleepers test bench
  • Fasteners test bench
  • Ballast and sub-ballast testing system.
  • Railway test stand for brake shoes, pads, disks, calipers, wheels and bearings
  • Specific test rigs for fatigue and durability components such as bolsters, primary and secondary suspensions, etc.
  • Modal exciters and modal analysis equipment

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