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Motion Simulation Platforms basically comprise a fixed base, a certain number of actuators and a moving base onto which a simulation cabin or a Device Under Test (DUT) are attached.

Their purpose is to accurately simulate motion experienced by the user or DUT in several scenarios for R&D, training or leisure purposes.

Some of these applications are:

  • Driving simulation
  • Flight simulation
  • Sea vehicles/sea motion simulation
  • Military vehicles simulation
  • Heavy machinery
  • Academic purposes
  • Videogaming

To serve these purposes, motion platforms usually feature relatively long strokes (~1 m) and low operational frequencies (up to 10 Hz). Electromechanical or hydraulic actuation with or without dead weight compensation, may be used to power these platforms depending on payload requirements.

VZERO designs, manufactures and supplies complete standard Motion Simulation Platforms with 1, 2, 3 or 6 Degrees of Freedom (DoFs). However, customized platforms with different number of DoFs or extended motion ranges can be designed on customer’s demand.

Payloads range from 5 to 5000 kg in our standard models.

Standard scope of supply comprises:

  • Motion platform with fixed base, moving platform and actuation system
  • Real time controller and power cabinet.
  • VZERO MADC Software Suite for Motion Simulation to allow for online and offline tests definition. See our video Here

Sophisticated control algorithms are implemented in Real Time Control System to guarantee the most accurate reference profiles tracking.

Inverse Kinematics.


Direct Kinematics

Control Algorithm

Control architecture


Do not hesitate to share with us your requirements about Motion Simulation, our Engineering Department will be eager to discuss them and provide you with the best solution!


Payload: from 100 kg to 2000 kg. Higher payloads on demand. Actuation technology: electromechanical or hydraulic depending on payload and dynamic requirements.


Payload: 200 kg (other payloads on demand). Actuation technology: electromechanical. Two or one degrees of freedom.

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