Quasi-static and pseudo-dynamic testing systems

  • Actuator loads up to 1 MN. Others on demand.
  • Actuator strokes up to 1 m. Others on demand.
  • Civil works detailed design: pit, retaining walls, strong floor, reaction walls.
  • Hydraulic servoactuators including displacement transducers, load cells and high performance servovalves.
  • Servoactuators fixation elements: ball swivels, flanges, etc.
  • Hydraulic power unit and hydraulic service manifold. Piping
  • Real time controller and user interface application. Electrical cabinet.
  • Pseudodynamic testing: software application for restoring forces identification and motion equations integration. Able to change from actuators reference system to physical working coordinates.
  • Data acquisition hardware and instrumentation: strain gauges, lvdts, etc.
  • Monotonic and cyclic testing of structures for structural behavior characterization
  • Evaluation of actual seismic response of certain structures