Shake tables

  • Laboratory layout definition.
  • Civil works detailed design: pit, retaining walls, slab, reaction mass.
  • Isolation system: air-spring based.
  • Shake table and guidance system if required.
  • Hydraulic servoactuators including displacement transducers, accelerometers and high performance servovalve. Hydrostatic or hydrodynamic bearings. Pressure and return accumulators.
  • Servoactuators fixation elements: adjustable backlash swivels.
  • Hydraulic power unit and hydraulic service manifold. Piping. Water cooling system.
  • Inner loop real time controller for actuator trajectory control and kinematicrelationships solution. Advanced control algorithms.
  • Outer loop real time controller: Spectral Dynamics’ Jaguar™. DoF advanced control. Overall system impedance identification. Adaptive and predictive control.
  • User interface applications
  • Data acquisition hardware and instrumentation: strain gauges, lvdts, accelerometers, etc.
  • Dynamic testing of full or reduced scale models
  • Evaluation of actual transient response of structures