Multiaxis controller

Outer loop controller

  • For high performance, high frequency testing requirements
  • Degrees of Freedom control
  • MIMO or MISO advanced controller
  • Random, Swept Sine, Classical shock, Time replication, Shock Response Spectrum
  • MIMO (impedance) Identification.
  • Signal Analysis
  • Adaptive predictive control algorithms.
  • Applications:
    • Shake tables: from 1 to 6 DoF
    • Dynamic testing rigs:
      • Train bogies test benches
      • Road simulators
      • In general any system powered by hydraulic servoactuators in which identification of system impedance plays an important role in test execution accuracy.
  • Easy integration with inner loop controller developed by VZERO

Inner loop controller

  • Servoactuator level control
  • Low latencytime control loop: less than 500 us.
  • PXI /FPGA hardware architecture
  • Built in signal conditioning
  • Real time operating system
  • Inverse and direct kinematics solution in real time for complex testing systems.
  • Advanced control algorithms:
    • System linearization by model inversion
    • State space control schemes
    • Three variable control
    • Predictive PID loops (PPID)
    • Hierarchic loops (HL)
    • Adaptive Control of Oscillatory Waveforms (ACOW)
  • Comprehensive, user friendly software interface for test definition, execution and results review.
  • Open architecture for customization and customer tools integration